Official Tanning sponsor

CatwalkHQ was the result of wanting to bring a new brand to the Irish market, a brand that strives to deliver quality luxury products. 

All our research, development and manufacturing is carried out here in the west of Ireland and we are very proud to be an Irish company with our sights on making it a global brand.

CatwalkHQ was developed with natural nontoxic ingredients in mind, with intensive research and development and talks with consumers on the perfect tan, CatwalkHQ was born! 

We know the frustrations of not being able to wear tan due to different skin conditions e.g. psoriasis or eczema so this was also at the forefront of our minds when it came to developing our tan and the growth has been phenomenal. CatwalkHQ is run by a small close knit team, 

It’s great to see our products on the same shelves as the international brands and we have no doubt CatwalkHQ products will be joining them on a lot more shelves for a long time to come.